Parking attendant booths – valet parking booths

Guard Shacks and Guard Buildings

We manufacture a wide variety of guard shacks and guard buildings to meet the needs of virtually any security application. Our pre-engineered design is a great alternative to a conventionally built guard shacks. Because we ship the building to the construction site completely assembled, we eliminate the considerable down time you would experience if you built your guard shack or booth with conventional construction methods.

We provide security guard booths and shacks in many styles and sizes.

Karmod guard booths and guard shacks are used to protect individuals and employees at government and military installations, airports, theme parks, stadiums, manufacturing facilities, border crossings, fueling stations, and anywhere else your imagination may take you.
Please take a few minutes to review our pre-assembled photo gallery to see some of the different guard shacks and buildings we’ve manufactured for other customers. Let us know if you see a design you like, or feel free to ask us to help you to create a custom design structure unique to your application.


Typical Applications

  • Guard Booth
  • Access Control Booth
  • Guard Shack
  • Parking Attendant Booth
  • Toll Booth
  • Gas Station Kiosk
  • Information Booth
  • Security Building
  • Cashier Booth
  • Guard Shelter
  • Overwatch Booth
  • Security Building
  • Ticket Booth
  • Security Booth
  • Guard Station

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