Modular Workforce Housing Building Solutions

Modular Workforce Housing  As Karmod, with our quality of our products, our speed and our after-sales support to the construction of road infrastructure, from energy to mining, we have been the first choice of Turkey's largest construction company …

Desert caravans Egypt – High Quality Price Ratio

Caravan for sale We take pride in offering prefab and caravans for sale that are highly appreciated with their convenient size, high constructional strength and brilliant designs. These prefab and caravan for sale can be used in different …

Guard cabin – Prefabricated Security Guard Cabins

Guard Cabins As a grp portable guard cabin manufacturer, Karmod have an extensive range of GRP constructed portable guard cabins and kiosks for the comfortably accommodation of a personnel within industrial, commercial and public sector markets. Our standard …

Security first

Karmod knows the importance of security for a healthy work place

Plethora of Choices

Karmod offers a large variety of choices


Prefabricated Homes for affordable prices

Modular Cabıns

Karmod cabins are easy to transport and modular.

flat pack modular cabins
Flat Pack Office Buildings As Karmod Flat Pack Office BuildingsTechnologies, we attach great importance to innovation and practicality in our works. We upgrade our services constantly and apply new forms of service to provide our clients the best products possible. From portable office buildings and prefab container restaurants to affordable prefab housing and prefab school projects, the number of services we offer for your likings are growing continuously and getting developed …
modular construction malaysia
 Prefab House Malaysia  Karmod designs and manufacturers prefab house malaysia in every style, for every budget. Fast assembly, affordability, and energy efficiency make prefab homes a desirable option for homeowners. Prefabricated house abodes are not a stranger to Malaysia either. From the heart of the big cities like Kuala Lumpur to the scenic landscape of Kedah, prefab houses can be seen everywhere. Fire Protection, Resistance Earthquake, Heat & Sound Insulation prefab …
rumah kontainer jakarta
Container House in Indonesia Container Homes Indonesia are perfect cost-efficient and fast to build accommodation unit. See more advantages of container houses Indonesia here. indonesia container house are built offsite and then can be easily installed at any location desired by the consumer. This day people have begun to choose modular construction like container homes to fulfill their housing needs. A modular home is built in a factory-like setting before being …
prefab house indonesia
Prefab House Indonesia Karmod prefabricated construction - Company specializes in custom high quality knock-down houses and outdoor Gazebos. Karmod Prefabricated house Indonesian design building team that specializes in modular island design homes, villas, restaurants, pavilions, and other associated buildings. Karmod prefab house has 36 years of experience in modular buildings & is in a position to support. Karmod prefab house Indonesia is specialized in design and fabrication of modular buildings. Modular …

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Karmod Prefabricated Building Technologies a leading company that was established in 1986 and since then has executed in about 130 countries around the World.

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