Modular Buildings for Workforce Housing Solutions

Modular Buildings for Workforce Housing Solutions

Modular Workforce Housing Solutions

As Karmod, with our quality of our products, our speed and our after-sales support to the construction of road infrastructure, from energy to mining, we have been the first choice of Turkey’s largest construction company structure. Karmod provides all of lodging camp services and remote housing solutions with its prefabricated turnkey solutions that is suitable for natural resources exploration industries, military camps or various building companies around the world. Our prefabricated modular units are designed to accommodate field workforce and management with providing comfortable accommodations by our expert team.

Our prefabricated units are ideal for engineers, management staff and all personel in the Modular Buildings For Workforce Housing area, they can be designed with kitchen area, WC/shower units, bedrooms, living rooms and office areas. Our prefabricated buildings which is used for camp catering services, construction site offices and lunchroom, kitchen and dining facilities and sleeping accommodations can be easily moved from one site to another or expanded to address the growing needs. And this will help you to save your money and time.

Modular Construction Workforce Housing Man Camps

Our expert teams consisting of engineers, and our technical office will help you defining your real needs and they will suggest you the most appropriate and best solution either by choosing from among the wide variety of sizes and structure plans that Karmod produces or by building new customized solution for your modular workforce mining camps.

Your prefabricated modular mining accommodation workforce camps, (also known as modular buildings, trailer units, workforce camps, construction camps) are manufactured off-site in our factory and transported to area where you request as ready for installation. Karmod modular mining accommodation camps offer you a cost-saving quick solution, especially for situations of extreme working conditions in remote areas. Other advantages of modular construction used for Modular Buildings For Workforce Housing, are they reduce site setback and environmental negative impact, and possibility to re-install the structures to other places.

Our prefabricated camps and steel container offices are built off-site at Karmod controlled production facilities that are equipped with the latest technology.

Modular Buildings For Workforce Housing & Camp Systems

They can be shipped by sea or land to any place you want around the world. We supply full modular workforce housing accommodations solutions including:

  • Kitchen dining facilities
  • Lodging camp services
  • Retail or commercial storefronts
  • Sleeping accommodations
  • Special events and meeting room
  • Oilfield Man Camp Housing

We have been the choice of leading construction companies with our Modular Buildings For Workforce Housing and prefabricated camps.

Modular Buildings For Workforce Housing & Camp Systems

Karmod offers you the best solution for Modular Buildings For Workforce Housing. Purchase prefabricated labor camps that require technology and expertise, from production to installation, with the assurance of Karmod, which is one of the world-class brands in the sector. Our products are delivered ready for use anywhere in the world to be produced dismantling property in Turkey.   With the static calculations performed under the control of engineers, the structural safety of Karmod Modular Buildings For Workforce Housing is at the top level. Our prefabricated camps are expertly designed in every unit from dormitory to dining hall, taking into account the international labor camp standards. At the same time, our designs provide production support for ready-made projects.

With its fast production, installation in a short time, disassembly and transportation to other places thanks to its disassembled features and economical price advantages, prefabricated labor work camps are the most important building choice in the Oilfield Man Camp Housing of construction site projects. Our Modular Buildings For Workforce Housing, which can be designed in single-storey or two-storey buildings according to the number of people to accommodate, are ready for use in a short time with the technological fast production system, easy disassembly feature, and on-site trained assemblers. You can browse all of our products from Oilfield Man Camp Housing to container offices, from prefabricated camp solutions to modular mining accommodation workforce camps, which stand out with their timely installation and after-sales support advantages, on our website and contact us for detailed information.

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