Modular office buildings – Prefab commercial office buildings

Prefab Commercial Office buildings

Karmod Prefabricated Building is a Turkish leading company in the development of stylish modular office buildings and functional temporary accommodation solutions.

Modular or ‘off-site’ construction is a modern approach to the construction of permanent or temporary buildings that has many benefits.

Karmod Prefabricated Building is one of the Turkey’s leading companies, through a range of innovative and cost-effective permanent or temporary modular office buildings constructed using off-site techniques.

Many of the projects we provide are for repeat clients, emphasizing the level of customer satisfaction that we attain ‘on-time, on-budget, on-specification’.
Karmod Prefabricated Building is able to work as a main contractor or sub-contractor and can also deliver turnkey project solutions.

Whereas seasons, labor, and time are concerns of the traditional contractor, Karmod Modular transcends conventional building obstacles to deliver an efficient and scalable solution: Modular Complexes. Our solution is the culmination of efficiency in the construction industry. Combining the swift execution of the assembly line and modern building chic, we offer a systematic process for your next multi-unit build.

Like our individual modular units, all modular complexes are built using steel frame construction and insulated ensuring a moisture free barrier and leading to a high energy efficiency rating. Centralized or individual heating and cooling options are available.

Depending on specific requirements, restroom and shower facilities can be tailored for large scale common use or tailored into each modular as per our standard individual units.

Kitchen requirements vary depending on the scale of a project. However, we are well-equipped to meet any demand. Whether a common kitchen for multiple residents or individual kitchens in a modular unit, our team designs with both form and function in mind. In all cases, storage is put at a premium and all additional logistical delivery considerations are taken into mind.

Our team iandle the installation of every project. Having worked with some of Turkey’s largest construction firms, we continue to design, erect and finish quality modular complexes.

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