Permanent Modular Construction

Permanent Modular Construction

Modular Construction Solution

Modular construction is an innovative, sustainable construction delivery method. prefabricatedd buildings are generally stronger than off-site built buildings. Modular construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designing to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities – but in about half the time. Modular construction uses prefabricated and preassembled building components that are built in a factory and shipped to the job site and Affordable Housing Build. Faster Cheaper Better. Social Housing modular construction solution.  Modular construction products are structures produced in factory environments outside of construction sites. After their designs are realized in computer environment, they are produced with the belt system in the latest technology production systems. In this way, less personnel work than their production compared to the structures built in the construction environment, and the waste of raw materials is almost non-existent. Thanks to these, production costs are also very low in modular construction. As they can be used for temporary solutions, permanent modular construction products will also help you with longer use.

We can find modular structures in many areas. As workforce housing projects, as educational buildings, as health clinics (emergency accommodation units, field hospitals, hospitals for rural areas …) as mass housing (social housing, refugee housing, post-earthquake or disaster … emergency temporary / need for permanent housing)…

Prefabricated Commercial Buildings

Karmod makes your living and work areas more comfortable with its modular construction products. With prefabricated commercial buildings, your work areas are now more comfortable. Karmod with its experience starting from year 1986, has developed wide range of prefabricated commercial buildings solutions for different sectors. Modular office buildings can be safely preferred for different purposes like wc-shower solutions, security solutions, sales offices, information offices, city centers.  For example, our cabins, which can be used as mobile wc in tastes, solimpates, sports halls, fairgrounds and various organizations, are very practical, useful and economical. Our portable WC products, which can be produced with self-clean water tank and waste water tank, are the ideal choice for the area to be used in every aspect.

Karmod commercial modular construction is top quality product that is manufactured in short time. One of the most preferred usage areas of prefabricated commercial buildings are to be preferred as a consultancy office. It can be preferred by companies from different sectors, municipalities or other public institutions for this purpose.

Modular Prefab Homes

One of the permanent modular construction products is prefabricated houses. A prefabricated house can be used in many different sectors for many different purposes. One of the best solutions for labor camps is prefabricated housing. Because these structures can be produced in a very short time and have much more economical prices than reinforced concrete structures. As Karmod, we have carried out the production and installation of labor camps using prefabricated structures, which are one of the modular construction technology products, for different working areas of dozens of companies from all over the world. We produced the structures that can accommodate hundreds or thousands of personnel within weeks, produced them in international quality standards by road or sea transportation, and shipped them to the installation and usage place.

Prefabricated houses can be preferred not only as prefabricated commercial buildings, but also as individual summer houses, as daily permanent living spaces. Prefabricated modular construction is the best choice for environmentally friendly structures intertwined with nature. It offers flexible design possibilities that can be designed and produced as single storey or duplex. Houses with steel structures are earthquake resistant. Fireproof materials and materials with low risk of burning are used in their structures. It offers you a fully protected living space for your family and loved ones. Thanks to their environmentally friendly structures, you do not harm the environment as you use reinforced concrete structures.You can own your dream home in a very short time by paying affordable prices for your budget.

You can access our projects we realized as Karmod all over the world and the prefabricated house models we specially designed for you from our website and look our products in detail. You can also contact us for detailed information.


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