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modular cabins for sale

The modular cabins that are used especially as security and buffet kiosks and are produced from polyester raw materials are called polyester cabins. Karmod is a world leader in production of polyester cabins, and Karmod cabins are used in more than 70 countries around the world.
You can see Karmod polyester cabins are used in UK as ticket sales offices at Manchester United stadium, in Qatar as home cabin, In Burkina Faso as healthcare units, in New Zealand as farm cabins, in Russia as working offices, in Egypt as WC cabins, IN Somalia as refugee camp, in Senegal as work site accommodation cabins, in Sabiha Gokcen airport in Istanbul as police control point cabin, and as bread sales kiosks in Turkey. From prices to quality and quick delivery, there are many reasons why people are choosing our polyester cabins.
Since 1986 until today Karmod modular polyester cabins are being produced in the polyester production area under Kartal Plast brand name.

Karmod modular polyester cabins are manufactured in modern production facility based on international standards and by full usage and distribution of raw material. They are produced through special belt production system that uses a unique technology that can’t be found elsewhere. In the belt production system cabins panels are painted then pass through special heat treatment in the oven. Compared with similar products the quality panel system of Karmod cabins is odourless. The cabin panels that are produced through belt system are then assembled by expert staff and delivered to customer as ready to use.

Now let’s talk about cabins dimensions and areas of usage. Karmod modular cabins dimensions start from 150 x 150 cm and up to 50 square meters of closed area. Our cabins with small dimensions are mainly used for security purposes and are referred to as Security Cabins.
Karmod Polyester security cabins with dimensions 150 x 150 are suitable for one person usage, yet cabins with dimensions 150 x 215 and 270 x 270 can accommodate more people and even wider security cabins with special partitioning system can be produced.
Karmod security cabins are designed with special attention to ergonomically usage. The 3 surrounding windows allow for good observation area for security guard inside the security cabin. From glass to windows, electric installations to lighting fittings all security cabins details are chosen from top quality materials.
Another model of Karmod cabins is “buffet cabins” that is produced with dimensions starting from 270 x 270 and up to 50 square meters. Buffet cabins are used for many purposes such as bread sales stall buffet, newspapers and magazines selling kiosk, tickets – coins- cards sales kiosk, grocery cabin, market buffet cabin and so on. As an option buffet cabin shelving system can be applied in Karmod cabins, and shutters can be fitted on windows also for security purposes.
Karmod cabins ranging between 12 and 50 square meters are called as “wide cabins”. Wide cabins can come as single room or with partitions installed to split it to many rooms. Modular polyester wide cabins are suitable to be used as sales office, waiting room, health centre cabin, laboratory cabin and other usages.
WC and shower units can also be applied in Karmod wide cabins. As an option air conditioner and curtains can be used in Karmod modular polyester cabins.
Another model of Karmod’s modular polyester cabins is the “WC – shower cabin”. Karmod WC – shower cabins are produced and delivered as ready to use with all electrical, water installations and toilet and shower units included. Polyester modular WC – shower cabin is produced as single unit with 150 x 150 dimensions and up to 7 units of toilet and shower units can be included in one cabin. You can view details of different WC – shower cabins models and plans on Karmod website. Customer can choose to have squat toilet, European style toilet, shower tray, WC for disabled people, urinals as different options.
Whether it was security, buffet, sales office or WC cabin, Karmod produces top quality cabins with after sales service and guarantee against manufacturing and assembling defects.

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