Modular Bank Buildings

Modular Bank Buildings

 Modular post offices and banks branches

Post offices and banks became more in favor of prefabricated buildings, especially for their branches in rural areas…

Modular Bank Buildings are modular structures, which are preferred in every sector from construction to health, and the rate of preference is increasing every year, thanks to their robustness with their steel structures, their resistance to earthquakes and their economic prices.

If you want, you can have your dream summer house with very economical prices and with prefabricated structures in a very short time. In your large-scale construction projects, you can choose prefabricated labor camps that are sterile, convenient and comfortable for your technical staff and other teams’ basic accommodation needs such as food and sleep. Or, for example, in extraordinary situations such as war or natural disaster, Modular Bank Buildings offer very useful and economical solutions thanks to their production and installation in very short time.

Post offices and banks always want to increase their number of branches and reach as many customers as possible. For this reason, prefabricated bank branches, prefabricated bill payment centers, prefabricated call centers and prefabricated post officethat offer long-lasting, fast and economical solutions are a very suitable choice, especially for branches in rural areas.

Karmod prefabricated offices buildings are produced at the modern factory with state-of-the-art production systems and then assembled at the desired location.

We can produce prefabricated branch offices according to your request as single-storey or two-storey. Size and plan can be customized according to your needs. Different functional comfortable sections can be added to the mobile and modular bank buildings if you request such as reception desk, customer service representative rooms, management room, computer room, library, kitchen, WC / shower units and etc. Prefabricated buildings are structures produced separately in a factory environment. The parts to be assembled are delivered anywhere in the world, and the installation of your structure is completed by us and delivered to you ready to use.

In our prefabricated buildings, we use a seamless bolted production system. This allows your prefabricated customer service centers, prefabricated bank branches, prefabricated bill payment centers, prefabricated call centers or prefabricated post office can be moved elsewhere, you can expand and downsize the structure.

As Karmod, we have been the prefabricated building technologies company that thousands of people from all over the world have preferred for their homes and the leading companies have applied for all kinds of housing problems.

We have contributed to education with our prefabricated education buildings that we have produced in dozens of regions around the world. With our new generation container systems, we took part in residences established after the earthquake, temporary and permanent refugee camps and dozens of social responsibility projects. We produce practical structures that stand out with their economical price, can be installed very quickly, suitable for use in 4 seasons and designed for different climatic zones. With the technology we use, we are working to leave a livable world to future generations with our long-lasting and environmentally friendly structures.

If you want to expand your bank or post office branches in various regions and do this with the easiest, economical and useful solutions, Karmod structures will offer you the most suitable solution for your prefabricated bank branches, prefabricated post office, prefabricated bill payment centers or other needs. You can view our works and structures in more detail on our website. If you want to get detailed information, you can reach us from our phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Tell us about your problem and we, as Karmod, will provide you with the most suitable, economical and useful solution.


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