Modular Medical Buildings & Healthcare Facilities

Modular Medical Buildings & Healthcare Facilities

Mobile hospital

Modular Medical Buildings & Healthcare Facilities

Mobile hospitals are an integral component of health care. . Because these medical units and field hospitals can be put together quickly and deployed with a greater level of flexibility, improved access to care and better health outcomes are always the result.

Offering an improved way of responding to an emergency, entire communities can benefit from a mobile hospital, and emergency management teams have an additional option on the table, providing an advanced level of healthcare for extended periods of time. Mobile hospitals are essential in planning for increasingly common. Karmod is the place to turn to when you need to develop a mobile hospital to meet your needs.

Healthcare faces constant pressure today to improve performance. In order to stay on top of the game, mobile hospitals and clinics need cost saving solutions, especially during expansions or disaster scenarios.Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) Cabins produced by Karmod Prefabricated Technology will serve as mobile clinics to help fight the global Covid 19 pandemic.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread globally, the need for dedicated treatment and patient space is increasing rapidly. Karmod has combined its vast experience and technology to deliver solutions with short lead times to the Health sector.

Karmod has completed several buildings used in the medical field from mobile first aid buildings to permanent facilities that include exam rooms, office space, restroom facilities and patient waiting areas. Our process allows for building construction to happen concurrently with site preparation in which results in occupancy times 35% quicker than conventional construction methods. Building in a controlled factory environment also creates a more efficient and environmentally friendly process by utilizing standardized methods, consistent labor, and eliminating waste from inclement weather. We offer award-winning design services in which we can turn your initial concepts into a working floor plan with budgetary project costs in days versus weeks.

Modular medical buildings are customized to your need and will provide affordable space for your expansion project.

We understand that getting your modular medical clinic, physician office, or healthcare facility open to serve your patients and protect your bottom line are both important. We also know that a soothing atmosphere, that promotes a sense of privacy and comfort for patients, is critical for repeat business. The speed and stream-lined processes used in modular building construction make it a highly cost effective alternative to conventional construction for meeting your broad set of needs.

As there are not sufficient rooms in hospitals to conduct the coronavirus diagnosis due to the large number of patients and building traditional diagnosis rooms requires a long period of time, mobile cabins become a good alternative.

Karmod cabins are available in various dimensions, built from modules, which means that they can be moved easily and reused. The models from varies from empty room to separated rooms with toilets and small kitchenets. Each individual client’s needs are met by Karmod custom design team.

As a leading provider of modular buildings for over three decades, Karmod Mobile Modular delivers high quality modular healthcare facilities with custom options to fit hospital and clinic specifications.

If you’re uncertain about which building suits your needs, our team of experts can help guide you every step of the way. Our hassle-free deliveries make the process smooth and easy to handle.

The mobile cabins are produced in a very short period of time and delivered ready-to-use.

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