Top mining companies in the world 2021

Top mining companies in the world 2021

The world largest mining companies

As one of the leading companies in prefabricated buildings industry, Karmod Prefabricated Technologies combines practicality with innovation. For more than 35 years, we have helped realizing countless projects and made many people homeowners across the globe and thanks to our expert research and development team, who are assigned to research latest technologies this era has to offer and implement them in our services, we are constantly developing to increase our service capacity and improve our products.

Top mining companies in the world 2021

From portacabins and modular office buildings to affordable prefab housing services and security cabins, all of our products contain the core features that a prefabricated building must have but designed to do much more. Our products are portable, practical, cost-efficient, durable and configurable at the same time. Meaning, they can be moved from one place to another with ease even in the middle of a project, they can have their entire interior, exterior, flooring and even roofs customized depending on your choice with ease thanks to their user-friendly configurability feature and they are able to withstand harshest of environment and natural or human-made disasters while being exceptionally affordable compared to permanent buildings or other prefabricated buildings in the market. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we consider all humanitarian and professional measures as we attach great importance to not disturb our surroundings while working. Even the work is as small as installing a kiosk, we take precautions to not disturb anyone and anything. We believe that one of the core reasons why we are preferred among other prefabricated buildings and mining companies providers is the mutual respect we have between our clients and we are working hard to maintain that relationship for the greater good.

Durable, Portable and Cost-Efficient Accommodation Solutions for Mining Operations

Modular buildings are an ideal solution for the growing housing need in mining companies. It is difficult to work with the traditional construction method in working areas in remote areas. Oil and gas extraction remain one of the most economically important sectors within mining operations. Residences should be built to accommodate personnel in temporary or long-term projects. The construction of these residences has been done by traditional methods for many years. However, traditional constructions require a lot of labor and the process is quite costly. If the project is temporary, it is difficult to demolish the existing structure after such costs are met. It also takes time to build other necessary units in traditional style dwellings. Modular construction workforce housing man camps are much more advantageous in traditional buildings thanks to their easy construction and flexible structures.

The world’s biggest metals and mining companies

Due to the high number of personnel and workers in a mining site, the need for housing is also high. Workers need accommodation before the project starts. Since the construction processes of traditional buildings are long, it also prevents the project from starting. Prolonged construction processes also bring along uncertainties about the cost. Economic changes may occur during the construction period and these changes can affect costs. Modular buildings are factory made and you will not encounter any surprises in terms of cost. You can have mining camps exactly the way you want, whenever you want. Modular buildings are available in the style and cost you want.

Thanks to the advanced systems in the modular site camps, it meets all the needs of your staff. A quality accommodation experience increases workforce productivity. Modular mining camps contain all the units your workers need, from resting areas to dining halls. Our responsive workforce housing solutions offer our customers around the world the ability to host, feed and accommodate employees in remote areas. The solution to all your time and budget problems is in modular buildings and mining companies

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