Modular Mining Camps – Mining Industry Projects

Modular Mining Camps – Mining Industry Projects

Modular Mining Camps

Commercial fabric shelters & expandable container shelters. Safe Workforce Camp, Modular Offices, Camps, and Prefab Worker Housing, Prefabricated modular buildings, worker camps in remote locations. Over 35 years experience in oil & gas, minerary, military, humanitarian sectors. High Quality Modular Mining Camp with Competitive Price. Man Camps. Many times mining, oil and gas exploration, construction, and other activities take place in remote areas of the world.

In construction projects with long processes, there is a need for economical and useful structures that can be built in a very short time for the shelter and other needs of technical personnel and workers, can be easily shipped, and can be easily transferred to other areas when the usage period is over. Prefabricated and container structures, which are our transportable buildings, which have the advantage of economical price, easy transportation and production in a very short time, provide a great advantage in this regard.

Karmod transportable buildings are used in many areas, especially in the mining camps, oil and gas sector. By understanding the needs of mining industry in the best way, we produce the most economical and useful structures that are most suitable for you. For remote camping areas, we provide everything needed for a mining camp and remote village accommodation with our products. Our products include worker accommodation units, construction site offices, dining halls and dormitories, working offices, recreation rooms, canteens, wc and shower units.

Karmod Transportable Buildings Are The Best Choice For Mining Industry

With our high production technology, high quality and superior service principles, we can produce modular accommodation structures for you in just a few months where hundreds of your staff can be accommodated. Our comfortable and useful structures also offer you the most economical solutions for work force housing. While using our buildings, you will save money economically as well as having useful and quality structures. Our buildings can be used in all seasonal conditions. The paint technology we use in our production is the structures that prevent the formation of bad odors. When you choose our sterile, non-harmful and environmentally friendly structures, you will make the right choice for both the environment and human health.

In modular construction camps, both prefabricated and container modular home unit structures can be used. You can choose different sizes of housing options according to the size of your project and the number of personnel to be accommodated. We have contributed to many modular mining camps projects all over the world with our transportable buildings. On our website, you can find detailed projects that we have realized and contributed to.

Prefab Modular Kitchens, Dining Areas And Dormitories

Transportable buildings are highly preferred in construction projects in many areas such as container and prefabricated dining hall, dormitory, laundry, security cabin. In addition to construction sites in construction projects, businesses in many other sectors can also choose these structures for dining halls due to their ability to produce in a short time, economical prices and easy transportation. All areas that can be found in a dining hall such as the dining hall, cellar, food distribution section, washbasin sections, dishwashing halls, as in the existing dining hall structures, can be found in the Karmod dining hall structure. These compartments can be used in the form of separate units as well as being included in the container. You can access detailed dining hall and dormitory plans that you can use in modular mining camps and different projects on our website.

Portable Office Units, Demountable Offices, Office Buildings

In construction projects, the most important areas after accommodation buildings are office areas. Karmod portable offices, which can be specially designed according to your personal needs, has high insulation. It can be used in four seasons with its durable structure. We can produce single-storey or more-storey buildings in a very short time and deliver them anywhere in the world.

You can contact us for detailen information about our transportable buildings that can be used in many places from modular prefabricated apartments motels and hotels to mining camps projects.

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