Mine site camps and Modular Buildings for Mine Sites

Mine site camps and Modular Buildings for Mine Sites

Mine site camps

Transportable Buildings for Mining & Resources. Remote accommodation solutions for the mining industry and Our mining accommodation modules are ideal for mining camps and workers accommodation, allowing mining companies to attract and Mining camp accommodation buildings; Mining dongas; Dry mess facilities; Kitchens and storage; Wet mess areas; Training facilities and prefab worker housing offer you a quality solution to your space or accommodation needs Faster. More Affordable. Modular Buildings.

With the development of technology occurring each year, demand for more practical services to make customers’ life much easier has grown with it. Especially in construction industry, the idea of having a practical, easy to install, durable and beautiful homes, offices and buildings is developed more and more. That is why we, Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, offer the latest technology possible in construction industry in our products. With having more than 35 years old experience, our products made our customers very satisfied.

From mobile offices and prefabricated homes to modular buildings for mine sites and construction camps, we merge beauty with practicality and offer the best solutions possible. In many heavy-duty product we offer, we highly recommend acquiring our container restaurants, security cabins, WC containers, etc. as most of our products are made for temporary accommodation. We are aware how frustrating it can be to begin a new construction project or a mining operation. So we provide very cost-effective, specifically made for on site accommodation, remote mining camps and accommodation containers to minimize your expenses as they are highly portable and configurable.

Work More Efficiently With Karmod Remote Mining Camps

In remote mine sites, the comfort of the staff is very important for job participation. Mine site camps offer maximum comfort to mine site workers even under the most difficult conditions. Even the smallest details have been considered in its design. The basic and different options allow structures to be customized to the needs of staff, visitors and the management team. Your team can have all the features found in any traditional structure with our person modular mining camps. Remote mining camps can also be deployed before a mining site becomes operational. In this way, the time is reduced and the installation is provided quickly. Each designed building is presented ready for installation and does not pose a problem for the supply chain. As the project expands, the buildings can be moved to the desired points. Other units needed in accordance with the expansion can also be added to existing structures. When the project is finished, each mine site unit can be moved or removed.

The durable construction of the modular mining camps is perfectly suited to the mining site conditions. Mine site camps are cost effective. It is easy to repair in case of any negativity. Portable structures are also easy to maintain for long-running projects. It offers a long and efficient usage experience. t can be modified and upgraded as required. Thanks to these features, they can adapt perfectly to changing situations. Not every project will go as originally planned and changes may be required.

Prefabricated buildings work in accordance with all your plans and will not disappoint you. A company can have more than one mine site project. There may even be projects in different industries. Modular structures can be used in many sectors such as construction, oil refinery and mine field. It offers a comfortable and comfortable accommodation experience even under the most demanding conditions.


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