Mass housing south africa

 Mass housing south africa

Karmod Prefab, offers a fresh, innovative and affordably priced modular building solutions as well as affordable prefabricated houses.

Karmod Prefab roof and wall panels are lightweight, well insulated, fire and weather resistant. Karmod Prefab Modular Systems are the answer to rising costs and eco-friendly construction.

  • Interlocking panels which are used together with a galvanised steel frame to ensure quick and easy installation
  • Wall and roof panels which are lightweight, insulated and fire resistant
  • Quality PVC windows
  • External steel doors with specialised locking mechanisms for added security
  • All windows and door frames are factory installed to save building time and costs
  • A long-lasting, hard-wearing product with a lifespan of over 20 years
  • Low maintenance
  • An eco-friendly product

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