Mass Housing Project, Affordable Social Housing Projects

Mass housing projects

In order solve the problem of housing shortage across Africa, governments and developers are turning towards prefabricated solutions that enable people with modest incomes to own their homes.
Mass Housing Project and Low Cost Social Housing Projects, prefabricated houses are the quickest and most effecient alternative to the slums and squatter settlements. African cities that are booming and receiving increasing numbers of rural migrants looking for jobs, and they are struggling to cope. This is encouraging the informal settlements to spread everywhere. The key solution to this sqatter settlements is the prefabricated mass housing that proved to be successful in many markets around the world. The main advantages of this System is quick production and assembling. Furthermore as houses are manufactured completely within factory environment it is easy to apply Quality control measures making it nearly impossible to have mistakes or faulty products.
Mass prefab housing Projects are not a dream any more thanks to the prefabricated System.



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