Man camp buildings, Construction Camp Accommodations

Man camp buildings, Construction Camp Accommodations

Man camp buildings

Karmod Modular Buildings manufacturers modular man camp buildings for oil field man camps, remote workforce housing and bunkhouses. Oil and gas companies find setting up container man camp villages simple. Karmod provides man camp needs, oil field housing, modular homes and all services associated with temporary workforce housing. Construction Camps; Oil & Gas Facilities, Oilfield Housing, and Man Camps; Modular Camp systems by Karmod Structures can be configured and scaled to accommodate. Great for Portable Camps or Temporary Workforce Housing.

Mining / Oil and Gas Sectors, Man Camps & Work Force Modular Housing Solutions

We build prefab labor camp solutions of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a 10-person or a 2,500-person complex, our workforce accommodations can be tailored for any industrial solution. Our team of creative problem-solvers work with clients to understand challenges and find the right solution to address them.

Our structures undergo stringent compliance testing with localized engineering partners. From accommodation blocks, offices, washroom facilities, recreation, medical offices, kitchen and mess buildings, laundry, chemical storage units, and generators, Rapid prefab labor camp has the capability and experience to deliver.

Modular prefab labor camps (referred to as modular buildings, container units, workforce camps, construction camps or man prefab labor camp,) are manufactured off-site and transported to any remote location when ready for installation. As conditions can sometimes be extreme and remote, modular camps are a cost-effective solution. The advantages of using modular construction reduces site disruption and environmental impact, increases mobility and flexibility. Our work camps can also be re-used and expanded to any scale desired.

Karmod markets include all modular lodging projects, commercial modular buildings, modular school buildings, prefab retirement homes, modular hospitals, prefabricated modular buildings, offices and remote housing needs.

Trap the cold outside with the vapor-barrier construction built in to each modular remote residential workforce housing complex.

“We were looking for was someone who was trustworthy and we could share our building secrets with, who would be willing to learn what we wanted them to do and do it and not take advantage of us. What we found was Karmod was very ethical and above board so we could trust them, we loved their core values.


Rapid prefab labor camp designs, manufactures and installs complete modular work camps for remote sites. Our man camps can be shipped by ocean, rail or road, anywhere. We supply full workforce modular man prefab labor camp solutions including:

Our workforce accommodation solutions include:

Dorms (30-bed, 38-bed, 22-bed, 44-bed)
Kitchen complexes
Administrative offices
Construction workforce camps
Management Quarters “Office Buildings”
Kitchen/Dining Cores

Our mission is to provide the highest quality accommodations for your company, your project and your people… no matter the environment!

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