Low cost housing projects in Uganda

Low cost housing projects in Uganda

Low cost housing projects in Uganda

Launched in 1986, Karmod Prefab Buildings set out with the aim of producing a cost-effective Alternative Building Technology (ABT) system for Africa and the rest of the developing world.

Karmod’s innovative and sustainable building system, together with their own designed and manufactured mobile interlocking block-making of upmarket and low-cost housing, including estates, schools, universities, clinics and commercial structures in all parts of the world.

Building a low cost house doesn’t mean poor workmanship or substandard materials, but rather the choices made to get good quality while keeping the budget low.

The plan shown here is an example (among many) of low cost three-bedroomed houses and here is a brief look at how the budget is kept under control.

Housing experts say this is a big bargain when you consider the real estate market in Uganda and the fact that this comes with planned development.

This means that such a house is affordable for middle-income earners, leaving out those in need of low-cost housing. Worse, some real estate dealers have compromised the quality of the product in the name of providing cheap houses.

Most people have welcomed the idea that they can acquire houses in instalments. Imagine a deal where you won’t have to hustle with property dealers to secure a plot or stress with contractors stealing your building materials!


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