Iran prefabricated construction

İran prefabricated construction

We wont accept limitations,

as one of the greatest prefabricated building manufacturers in Iran we wont accept any limitations in our products. we have the ability of custom and extreme designs , sizes and plans.

Residential Karmod Prefab houses with full facilities for installation in gardens.
Possibility of one day installation and re-moving after Installation. Up to 6 Richters Earthquake resistant and full heat insulation implantation.

Manufacturing custom management conexes suitable for oil projects and construction projects. Management Karmod are made of high quality and high comfort level for managers and senior engineers, oil companies and civil settlements. unique design features and management aspects of IranTehran Karmod prefab shelters ,provides a very different experience from staying at Karmod for managers.

we have the greatest number of Karmod container in stock ready for delivery, for construction equipment, plant, civil, labor camps and residential camps in diffrent quality levels that esteemed buyers could return used conexes after completion of their projects to Tehran karmod

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