Portable guard shack for sale

Portable guard shack for sale

 Guard Shacks For Sale

Karmod Modular Services manufactures standard & custom Guard Shack for clients Nationwide. Our mobile guard shacks and prefabricated control booths are the highest quality on the market, Durable construction, Today a guard shack is usually used to protect an institution, a government building, or a commercial or residential facility, Guard shacks are compact, portable offices that provide tough shelter for your safety and security personnel. Security guard shacks also known as a guardhouse, yet still are very competitively priced, Visit our store for Guard Shack Prices.

The security booth is a key asset to the overall perimeter security plan, as it houses your guards, as well has many other critical elements, such as monitors, gate controls, duress buttons and many other options.  The guards are your eyes and ears, and it is imperative that they have a well manufactured, climate controlled area to stay alert.

Choose your own level of security or visibility in custom prefabricated for your custom designs.
Made in the Turkey so they are always affordable and durable with delivery that’s typically faster than the competition.

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