Guard cabin – Prefabricated Security Guard Cabins

Guard cabin – Prefabricated Security Guard Cabins

GRP Security Guard Cabins

As a grp portable cabin manufacturer, Karmod have an extensive range of GRP constructed portable cabins and kiosks for the comfortably accommodation of a personnel within industrial, commercial and public sector markets. Our standard range, mostly available from stock for immediate delivery, will cover even the most demanding operational needs. We also offer a portable guard cabin design service that is allow you the choice of layout, window/door positions and interior/exterior colours suiting your own corporate or brand image. All of our porta cabins are available with a wide choice of options to be able to customise your cabin to meet with your operational needs. Manufactured from virtually maintenance free and robust GRP,  the exterior and interior are fully moulded to create a durable and hygienic finish. Porta guard cabins that have a high density foam insulation core and fully weatherproof shell, offer a comfortable environment to work within. Karmod porta guard cabins are used in more than 70 countries around the world and they are produced using full density raw materials in modern production line system.


Prefabricated Security Guard Cabin

Our specialist guard cabins are available to hire on a short, medium or long-term basis. Built in our own factory using the latest techonology Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) technology, our kiosks and cabins are ready to use from arrival on site and feature:

  • All of our kiosks and cabins for sale can be fully branded and allowing you to customise the look of the unit for purpose it has been hired.
  • Our GRP security guard cabins have a fuse box and plug. Electric lighting fixtures are shipped ready to use.
  • Our guard cabins adapt to every place with their aesthetic modern appearance.
  • Glass shutter and sunshade with shock absorber can be installed upon request.
  • Karmod guard cabin does not stink with its special painting system.
  • Oven hardened GRP
  • Our prefabricated security guard cabins are ideal for use as security posts, car park kiosks, vehicle checkpoints and tollbooths. Our clients have included major retail outlets, live music events and building contractors. Some of the usage areas:
  • Security Posts
  • Guard Cabins
  • Ticket Kiosks
  • Car Park Kiosks
  • Vehicle Checkpoints
  • Vending Kiosks
  • Toll Booths
  • Gate House
  • Visitor Reception
  • Security Control Centres
  • Event Staff Kiosks

We produce a safe and aesthetic solution to your needs

The modular safety cabin produced by one of the fiberglass guard hut manufacturers Karmod and exported to nearly 120 countries is the most practical solution with its high quality and ergonomic design suitable for safety. Our porta cabins, which we produce with four different models, can be in many different sizes from 150×150 cm to 270×750 cm, namely polyester cabins, panel cabins, precast cabins and metropolitan cabins. Thanks to our high production capacity, all our models are shipped from your order as soon as possible. The cabins produced by security guard cabin manufacturer Karmod are well insulated and have superior production quality compared to ordinary cabins. Their production is made with a special production system in modern facilities equipped with high technology. In addition to standard production cabin models, multi-storey structures are produced in combination and disassembled plan.

With our 35 years of experience, our GRP guard cabins adapt very well to any place with their aesthetic modern appearance. We deliver in all sizes and dimensions with Karmod guarantee, immediately delivered from stocks and at the most affordable prices. For the price of security guard booth nigeria, and the cabin that can be delivered anywhere in the world, for the best quality products at the best prices and all kinds of detailed information about our porta cabins, their order and shipment process, you can all us or send an email to us.

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