Guard Booths, Portable Guard and Security Booths


Karmod Cabin provides the most rugged and well built guard houses, guard booths, guard shelters, border inspection booths, security access control checkpoints and observation towers. Karmod guard houses are all prefabricated guard houses. Our customers include government, private industry, airports, nuclear power plants and Turkey Military facilities across the country and around the world. Karmod all welded steel construction and use of durable, low maintenance materials ensure the guard booth’s greatest longevity. Special security features are offered to customize the security guard booth to your location requirements and to keep your security officers comfortable as well as secure. Go to BULLET RESISTANT to learn more about Karmod enhanced ballistic construction options for hi-risk environments.

In some industries, guard houses or guard booths are known as guard shacks. Whether described as a security guard shack, portable guard house, security guard house, or security guard booth, Karmod factory-assembled, portable steel buildings provide a ready-made solution to your security shelter problem.

Karmodt offers guard house drawings and guard house designs to suit just about every application and if we haven’t helped somebody with a similar requirement in the past, we will work with you to provide guard house designs to meet your site specific needs. In fact, the simplest way to start a productive dialogue is to send us a simple thumb nail sketch showing your guard booth drawing or guard house design. Karmod stands ready to assist you with your guard house architecture and guard shack floor plans.

For a guard house best for your location, and best for your guard house budget over the long run, call one of our sales professionals here at Karmod Investing only a few minutes of time for discussion will enable you to receive a quotation for a guard booth or guard shack that is catered to your specific situation. Whether you need a standard, a bullet resistant or an elevated or highly portable trailer mounted guard house or security booth; a durable steel Karmod guardhouse will meet your needs and provide you a service life unsurpassed by any competitor.

To prove the confidence we have in the durability of the booth we would supply for your project, we back all of our booths with the industries best warrant.

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