Ghana Containers – Custom Luxury Container Homes

Ghana Containers – Custom Luxury Container Homes

Ghana Container Project

Containers are structures that were first used in the transportation sector many years ago, and later, with the development of technology, can be used in different ways from accommodation units to commercial purposes. Karmod, which deliver their products all over the world and have very strong references with their products, its containers are the best choice for the containers you need. The African region is one of the regions where Karmod is most active. Karmod has the signature of d

Robust, Modern and Easy to Install container houses in Ghana

What makes our container office and Container home different from others.

Living container offices and homes is a new emerging industry for those looking for something new, sleek, modern and affordable structure but strong and quick deployed.
however, as Modular container offices and homes are quite new, few concerns remain to be responded in order to gain peoples trust in it reliability. One of the main concerns is the insulation.

How is insulation of a Living container office and home accomplished?
After all cutouts and reinforcement has been done, the interior work begins. As standard modular containers are not finished internally, We frame the interior with plasterboard or steel to fitter behind the container walls, on like other companies who use wood for the container walls. in order to avoid any type of thermal bridging, the studs should be fitted within the structure but not connected to the external walls. Unfortunately, some companies and builders do not stick to this rules.

ozens of projects in African countries such as schools, hospitals, worker camps, and public housing. For example, low cost container houses Ghana are one of them.

Containers are very advantageous structures for accommodation units. Thanks to their earthquake resistant structures, you can choose them even in 1st degree earthquake zones. It is also applicable to all seasonal conditions with the high quality insulated materials used in its panels. While protecting from the harmful rays of the sun, it also protects from the cold in winter. As Karmod, we can design and manufacture container homes in different models. Choose the world’s choice for Ghana containers and container home buildings in the size and model you want.

So what are the advantages that make these containers stand out? In fact, we can answer this question dozens of ways, but we want to talk about the two most important features, regardless of the sector.

Easy To Install And Disassemble

One of the most important facilities provided by containers, which are the best alternative to traditional structures, is their easy installation. Construction processes of reinforced concrete structures are very long and demanding. The harmony ratio between the design in the plan and the practical construction is much lower than the modular structures. Since modular structures are produced in a factory environment, theory and practice are much more compatible. It is not possible to relocate reinforced concrete structures. But, you can change the location of the unwelded system containers that are composed of modules and assembled at any time. You can save them for using in another project. These products are very advantageous especially in worker camps and containers are preferred for worker camps in dozens of parts of the world.

You can view container homes used by companies serving in different sectors built by Karmod all over the world in detail on our website. You can contact us about your own project and get a price quote.

The Most Suitable Structure for Safe Camp Buildings

Worker camps are areas with many risks. For a project in an earthquake zone, there may be an earthquake hazard or dozens of different hazards depending on the project’s field of activity. For example, a lot of damage can occur due to weather conditions. For this reason, the buildings to be used must be suitable for earthquake or current climatic conditions. All products of Karmod are suitable and safe for both climatic conditions and earthquakes. You can choose our products without hesitation for Ghana containers to be used in worker camp.

Cost Saving More Than 50% Compared With Traditional Construction

Another important feature that makes the containers stand out is the cost. Containers with modular structure are much less costly than traditional construction structures. They can be delivered to the customer at much lower prices. In addition, thanks to their features, many costs are low during use. For example, maintenance and energy costs can be reduced considerably. Thanks to these products with high insulation performance, your energy costs may be lower than normal. Thanks to the quality, certified materials used in the panels, they do not require maintenance for a very long time and they maintain their first day appearance. You can contact us anytime for your container houses ghana and other container needs.

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  1. Do you have a local contact or distributor in Ghana, I am in need of housing containers for a mining project.

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  2. this is great. i will like to know the cost of having a container 4 bedroom house . also know more about the company and where they are located

  3. I want to find out how much it will cost me to construct a 3bedroom self contained house in Kumasi. Thank you.

  4. I am thinking of starting a pre-school on a piece of land I acquired some years back. For this project to kick off, I’d need 3 classrooms fitted with wash rooms, a play room and an office. How much would this cost me please?

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