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The Remote Modular Housing Solution
Exploration / Drilling / Mining / Oil and Gas Sectors /construction companies

With the global demand of natural resources increasing yearly, related projects that deploy modular housing are on the rise.
We have a vast understanding of government and corporate standards. Our structures undergo stringent compliance testing with localized engineering partners. From accommodation blocks, offices, washroom facilities, recreation, medical offices, kitchen and mess buildings, laundry, chemical storage units, and generators, Karmod has the capability and experience to deliver.

Modular camps (referred to as modular buildings, Flat Pack Container ( trailer units ) workforce camps, construction camps or KARMOD CAMPS,) are manufactured off-site and transported to any remote location when ready for installation. As conditions can sometimes be extreme and remote, modular camps are a cost-effective solution.

The advantages of using modular construction reduces site disruption and environmental impact, increases mobility and flexibility. Our work camps can also be re-used and expanded to any scale desired.

Karmod designs, manufactures and installs complete modular work camps for remote sites. Our man camps can be shipped by ocean, rail or road, anywhere. We supply full workforce modular man camp solutions including:
•Turn Key remote housing from 10 to 5,000+ people
•Kitchen complexes
•Administrative offices
•Construction workforce camps
•Management Quarters “Office Buildings”

Why Karmod Buildings?

Modular Flat-pack Stacked Units  Office Building

•—We have experience in housing design and construction industry since 1986
•—We know the oil and gas business as we already undertook many projects with companies in this sector
•—We are a Turkey based company
•—knowledge of customs/transport distribution requirements
•Competitive pricing

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