Flat pack shelter , Flat pack modular homes

Modular Flat-Pack shelter and Homes Buildings

Introducing Karmod’s flat-pack modular shelter and Homes building solutions. A cost-effective way of covering your operations and sheltering your employees. Karmod’s modular flat pack shelter and Homes buildings can be used in many different types of industries and applications, such as…

Commercial / Construction
Karmod portable flat-pack units offer the perfect blend of customisable and portable these qualities making them ideal for use as site offices, accomodation, toilet facilities or any other commercial application. From basic, comfortable solutions to versatile, modular units, incorporating quality materials, Karmod structures allow you to build a business specifically to your own unique needs.

Government / Military
Karmod has an econmical, portable soulution for complet work site camp set up, to support customers such as relief operations, military and non-government organisations and other customers who demand a rugged, re-locatable building for use in remote locations. Karmod offers customised products that help keep occupants safe in some of the most harshest and dangerous locations across the globe. Karmod modular solutions are also used extensively by private and public companies as temporary or permanent, easy to set up work spaces, infrastructure buildings and other building applications.

Remote Locations
Sometimes operations requires factories or workshops to be located in remote locations and this can mean sending the workforce to these locations for periods of time. Typically these may be mining, oil exploration, or energy installations, located anywhere from cool northern climates, to hot deserts. This is where Karmod complete customisable modular camp solutions are the answer. Comfortable and safe places to work and live, they offer the most econmoical soulution for your operation.

Bespoke Applications
Karmod offers a wide range of modular units that have been optimised for use in many different applications. Our engineers work with the best materials to meet your specific requirements. Walls, doors, lighting, ventilation, partitions, colour are just some of the ways that we can tailor a building to meet your needs.

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