Flat Pack Office Containers –  Foldable Container House

Flat Pack Office Containers – Foldable Container House

Flat Pack Containers 

Designed by our engineers, each of whom are experts and who care about every detail, our flatpack containers, which are produced with high quality and safety standards, constitute the most preferred living spaces among modular buildings.

Karmod, top Turkey modular flat pack containers manufacturer, is one of the leading prefabricated building technologies companies, employing hundreds of employees and having modern production facilities. It delivers its high product quality and superior service quality from North Africa to Europe, from Asia to the Middle East through its products.

Our product groups with a wide range of products from containers to prefabricated houses:

  • Prefabricated Buildings
  • Containers
  • Modular Cabins
  • Prefabricated Houses

Flat pack containers are multi-purpose products:

  • Wc-shower container solutions
  • Flat pack Container House
  • Flat pack Container Office
  • Site Containers

Wc-Shower Flat Pack Containers

WC-shower containers, one of our specially produced flat pack containers, provide convenience in many places. One of the most used places is at construction sites, worker camps. Containers with a portable feature can be easily moved from one place to another. It is easy to install thanks to its disassembled features, in addition to being produced in a short time, they can be installed in a very short time. You can easily move it to other places at the end of the project. Other areas of use may be public areas, restaurants, masjids, event areas, fairs, picnic areas, modular education buildings.

It is compatible with human health with its special paint system. The formation of bad odor is prevented and provides a sterile environment. It can be completely in the form of a WC or shower, or it can be as a wc and shower optionally. You can view our wc shower flat pack containers plans on our website.

Get Your Home In A Day! “Container House”

Flat pack Container house, produced with new generation container technology, can be used in four seasons and is long-lasting. It is produced in accordance with the climatic conditions of the place you want. It has excellent snow load and wind speed values. It is earthquake resistant. You can choose it as a plateau house, vineyard house and chalet.

At the same time, one of the areas where foldable container house is used is public housing projects. Refugee camps, mass housing projects planned after a natural disaster are other areas where these structures are mostly used. As Karmod, we produced flat pack containers for the projects of many different institutions, from aid activities to leading construction companies.

Container Office

One of the flat pack containers products is container office. Do you want to open a new branch? Do you need a consulting office in your construction sites? Do you want a useful and economical structure as a neighborhood mukhtar? Do you need a durable structure for the taxi stand in the city center? Do you need multi-purpose structures that can be used in many areas from the construction site to the cafeteria, dormitory, study rooms to warehouses? Flat pack Container office is for you!

Durable, long-lasting containers can be used for multipurpose purposes. We can design and manufacture flat pack steel container storage units in desired size and quantity in accordance with the wishes of each customer. Karmod products are structures that are specially thought and designed in every detail. The quality of the materials used in our products is certified and approved. Buildings that do not require concrete, except for ground concrete, are environmentally friendly, and suitable for human health. Offering useful business and living spaces, flat pack containers are also very economical with their prices. You can contact us for detailed price information. You can view the product plans in detail on our website.

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