Karmod container healthcare units for coronavirus treatment

Karmod container healthcare units for coronavirus treatment

Coronavirus Mobile Hospitals

Karmod container healthcare units for coronavirus treatment


Karmod Prefabricated Technology which is the leadind company in Turkey with a vast experience of more than 35 years, have designed a special mobile containers to serve as healthcare clinic and isolation rooms in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Delivering health in some of the worlds’ worst crises through mobile clinics and medical teams

The idea is to create temporary Hospitals and Clinics with container structures that could be deployed rapidly, like traditional hospital tents, but with a higher level of biocontainment to prevent the spread of the virus.

Karmod aims to improve the efficiency of existing solutions in the design of field hospitals, tailoring them to the current.

The medical shelters will drastically improve the hospital’s ability to serve its community during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Karmod isolation rooms, which are available as modular structures or pre-assembled, can be manufactured and delivered much more rapidly than standard construction.

For many people, these mobile clinics and teams may be their only source of health care.

Mobile clinics offer flexible and viable options for treating isolated and vulnerable groups as well as to newly displaced populations.

These mobile units can be set up not only alongside existing hospitals, but also in spaces like car parks, promptly responding to the shortage of intensive care unit (ICU).

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