Control Booths and Parking control booth

Control Booths and Parking control booth

Control Booths

Karmod Prefabricated Technologies offers the best accommodation and other solutions in the industry it operates. We care about our customers’ happiness so we can guarantee that our products are made out of the best and sturdiest materials that will provide what you need. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we continually develop and improve ourselves in every direction so that we can provide with much higher service quality.

From flat pack homes and commercial container buildings to container food halls and mining camps, our wide variety of services can be customized, are very portable and practical compared to other traditional buildings. Especially when working on a large scale project such as mining operations and construction projects, the portability and durability of a structure is vital. That is why we provide prefabricated buildings that can be configured and moved with ease, made with very solid materials. However, we also make your dream house come true by providing fully customizable, very sturdy and cost-efficient prefabricated homes.

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we measure all kinds of humanitarian and professional measures as construction business can be harsh for the environment. That is why in every work we partake in, we respect all of our surrounding, work professionally and accordingly.

Karmod Modular Control Booths are Your Best Solutions for Toll Booths

Control booths are customized modular structures that can be used in different applications. It is possible to see these structures, which can be used as pass control, parking applications or payment centers, in almost every facility today. Security booths are for the security of a private facility. Control booths are their customized version. In similar ways, they can be installed at the entrances and exits of the facilities and have security cameras. Security elements are also required to inspect passages at checkpoints. It is the priority of security cabins that personnel ensure their own safety before inspection.

Modular Control Booths are the ideal solution for toll booths, roads, bridges, and all facilities conducting inspection. It is also widely used in parking lots and roadsides. Parking control booths provide a convenient and safe environment that is fully mobile. Security control houses can be customized according to the level of your security needs. High security booths and guard shacks can be used for facilities requiring high security. Sometimes it may require more than one type of controllers for a facility.

Our modular products for ticket sales buildings and parking control buildings are suitable for customers who seek solutions in limited space and limited time. It is high level in terms of safety and durable. It can be easily adapted to new technologies on the market and can be customized according to demand. All our prefabricated products are designed to be durable and useful for the staff to do their job safely and comfortably. Karmod modular control booths have all the features required in traditional and permanent structures. If desired, it can be adapted with traditional structures. It lowers the cost by offering unmatched flexibility.

Being able to adapt to your existing facility is one of the most important conditions for a portable building. Karmod security guard houses work in perfect harmony with your facility. In this way, it saves time, which is the most important issue in security. It is quick and easy to install. Cashier booth parking control system has become indispensable for car parks. Large facilities require high security solutions. The parking control system is state of the art and minimizes the margin of error. Each facility has its own specific needs. As Karmod prefabricated technology, we work with you to find the right product for your needs.


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