Portable modular containers and Container office buildings

Container office buildings 

Modular office complexes offer flexible and cost-effective space for your facility needs. With a wide selection of floor plans available, a Karmod Modular solution can accommodate from 1 to 500 occupants. Choose from standard buildings, or customize to match your existing facilities. When you need to fast track your project, modular buildings are a great solution.

Modular office complexes are suitable for general office, government services, health care, industrial and manufacturing applications needing administrative offices, libraries, space for city services, restroom facilities, clinics, clean rooms, and almost any other need.

Karmod Modular’s line of sales/development offices present an enhanced image compared to traditional trailers. Create the professional image your business requires with upgraded exterior and interior finishes, including window coverings, awnings, carpeting, special wall finishes, ramps and decking. Karmod Modular focuses on serving the customer through Availability, Response and Execution.

Karmod Modular offers the largest selection of well-maintained mobile offices / job site trailers in a wide variety of standard sizes and configurations saving you time and money.

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