Container houses prices south africa

Container houses prices south africa

Container houses south africa

At Karmod Modular Container houses, modern living spaces, complete with sleeping quarters, kitchens and bathrooms. Worldwide, we’re seeing increased use of containers for housing – from “gap housing” to upscale, modern, designer living spaces. Karmod Container houses is part of that movement. Our expert teams continue pushing boundaries to realise the full potential of containers as viable living spaces. These spaces are cost-effective, quick to set up and easy to relocate. Once your container is ready, our fleet will deliver it to premises in South African or elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa. The team will also set up the container housing units and ensure they meet your requirements.

Even though Luxury Container Houses South Africa have been around for years, it has only been in the last 5 years that the building technique has become a viable alternative option. Through innovative insulation techniques, latest building materials and expertise built up over years, the Luxury container house South Africa is now a beautiful, sustainable way of building your dream house.

There are many reasons to use Container as a building structure. One reason is that you can have your home delivered to you within 3 – 4 days from ordering. If you cannot stand the thought of building rubble and a big mess in your garden from building rubble, please consider our container houses as a viable alternative

Let your imagination run wild. Even though we have standard designs, we can easily change any interior to suit your needs. Add an extra bathroom, Change the kitchen or wall colours, or move the door to a different side. Anything is possible. Our designer container houses can be designed with you in mind. Add extra rooms or make a huge central living area. Add a second story or design your dream deck with a hot tub and outside shower. Your dreams are our command.
Our exteriors can be clad in various options in order to enhance the look of your container house. You can get a partial or complete eco-friendly clad to disguise the container houses by adding a deck, the total living space of your home will be increased. We advise that a deck is an essential extra for our container houses.