Container houses for sale in kenya

Container houses for sale in kenya

Container houses in kenya

Top Deals at Factory Price. Container houses for sale in kenya
Space is turning into a premium in our cutting-edge world, with an ever-increasing number of individuals searching for imaginative approaches to house themselves. We, at Karmod Containers Houses, give secure, lovely and affordable accommodation units with all the essential offices of an advanced home. The units, as for client inclination, come finish with a living room, kitchenette, washrooms and rooms. We modify & sell container houses into tasteful & functional units. Quality Containers. Suitable for both residential & commercial purposes. Professional team. Residential Units. Commercial Units – Shops. Classrooms. Notwithstanding the likelihood that your prerequisites are more essential, for example, brief settlement on construction sites or semi-permanent/permanent convenience on a farm, Karmod Containers houses can offer you a solution for your benefit issue with our sharp settlement compartments.

Amazing Container Homes and Offices

Karmod, Monoblock System container houses enable to construct the buildings which are formed with the combination of projects in several ways which are prepared according to the demands of the customers. Monoblock composed containers up to three floors can be transported to anywhere easily with its special composition details which can meet all types of weights and which can provide assembling easiness, they can be used again and integrated.
Sandwich panel walls which are insulated EPS or rockwool

Karmod Monoblock complex containers which take attention as an important alternative when used at the construction of buildings in construction sites, are the first preferred buildings when fast assembling situations are needed. Monoblock system container houses where sandwich panel which are insulated EPS or rockwool are used at exterior walls; can be preferred as sales office buildings and kitchen units in several sectors. Certain leakproofing is provided with the special dimensioned WC and shower stones which are used at the containers which are used as WC and showers

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