Container house malaysia

Container house malaysia

Container House Malaysia

Container House is designed and developed according to the standard size of shipping container. It is of heatproof and waterproof. It is widely used as office, meeting room, dormitory, shop, booth, toilet, storage, kitchen, shower room and so on.

Karmod container houses are a perfect candidate to be transformed into a home or office due to it’s modularity, durability, and cost effectiveness. Refurbished containers are rapidly gaining popularity for purposes such as showcase galleries, ad-hoc offices, or even as premanent residences.

Modular & Flexible Design: Because of the shipping container standard design and modular nature, they provide enough flexibility that makes them almost irresistible to anyone with an eye for design.

Karmod containers are strong, they exceed all international building codes for strength and safety.

Mobility, Security & Sustainable

Easily transport, fire proof, hurricane proof, extreme security, fast construction, easily customized, termite proof, lower cost, increased equity, low maintenance, and eco-friendly.

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