Karmod: The World’s Brand for Containers

You can find wide range of containers types and sizes from the world brand Karmod
Nowadays modular containers are being used in many areas. Living containers that are produced with high technology are now considered much more secure. Karmod containers are outstanding quality insulated products that are used in many areas including office containers, work site, dining hall, dormitory, toilet and shower, schools, kindergarten container, home containers, generator and GSM containers, chemical and medical waste containers and so on.
Karmod can produce containers based on many types. Standard containers are produced as 3 x 7 m and 2.4 x 6 m as well as joined single-storey container building and up to three-storey container building can be produced.

Karmod offers container solutions that are long-lasting, high quality and economic.
Karmod modular containers advantage is the maximum level of functional design they offer.
With annual production capacity of 4800 containers and high quality Karmod offers wide range of solutions from work site offices to special housing containers solutions with best functional usage.
Karmod living containers have mobile portable structure, can be easily used in different environments, long lasting and easy to transport.
Karmod containers are produced and shipped as ready to use including doors, windows, electrical and water installations and according to prefered plan partitions are added.
All parts and materials in karmod containers are chosen from top quality brands. Brands that are used and detailed technical specifications can be found in containers section on Karmod website.
Karmod containers are used safely in many areas of life such as construction site, metro construction site, mine work site, road construction site, dam construction site, sports facilities work site, fast train work site, and many other work sites. Other usage of Karmod container is office and administration container buildings. Karmod also produces home containers based on variety of models. Karmod containers can be specially produced for purposes of seminar hall, showroom container, buffet container, WC and shower container, mobile gsm container, generator container, garage container.
Now let’s talk about the features of mentioned containers. Karmod work site containers are produced with special design and insulated structure in order to provide good working environment. Work site containers are produced in two standard sizes that are 3 x 7 m and 2.4 x 6 m, and based on 50 different plans. Our 2.4 x 6 m standard container is also totally produced in Karmod factory for international markets with pre-engineered demountable structure for easy transportation through air, land and sea. Karmod containers can be joined together to form bigger areas and can be stacked up to three floors.
Our demountable joined containers are being safely used in many countries around the world. Within a construction site container building you can find office rooms, rest rooms, TV-seminar rooms, WC and shower units and other areas. Luxury office containers can be made with aluminum cladding wall system, wood cladding or other options.
Karmod’s home containers are well insulated and can be safely used with its long lasting structure. Our home containers can come with steel house door and wrought iron railing upon customer request.

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