Construction Village Labour Camp

Construction Village Labour Camp

With our experience and advanced technologies, Caravan ES now provides Field Camps that can be applied to Village Reconstruction, Military Base Camps, and Temporary Construction Facilities.


Speedy and easy construction with cost-benefit
Turn Key Service: From camp design to civil works, road paving, power & water supply, etc.
Various facilities: Accommodation, office, canteen, warehouse, gymnasium, mosque, etc.

Village Reconstruction
We design and rebuild villages that are under poor conditions and damaged by flood, fire, war, and other unexpected disasters. Our design is based on thorough site survey and careful study on the local features.

Military Base Camps
Caravan ES Military Base Camps are designed to the UN standards, and have incomparably high strength and durability. We provide the most safe base camps even in difficult conditions and war zones.

Temporary Construction Facilities
Large-scale construction projects require facilities to serve a host of task-force. To ensure efficient and successful implementation of the projects, we provide temporary construction facilities with infrastructure. Since our structures are completely relocatable & reusable, we assure high cost efficiency.

Village Design & Construction , Field Labor Camp , Village Reconstruction , Military Base Camps , Temporary Construction Facilities

  • portable site offices
  • lunchrooms
  • lavatories
  • guard houses
  • container offices
  • office complexes

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