Cheap Villas For Sale in Turkey Istanbul

Cheap Villas For Sale in Turkey Istanbul

Cheap Villas For Sale in Turkey Istanbul

Your destination for buying luxury property in Turkey. Discover your dream home among our modern houses, penthouses and villas for sale. The best and most comprehensive selection of villas in Turkey for sale, including beachfront and luxury homes. Call Property Turkey now for the latest offer. Review our carefully selected range of luxury villas in Turkey including idyllic premium villas in locations such as Bodrum, Kalkan, Kas, Gocek and Antalya.

In the new world of the modern age, the world is changing in every field with the development of technology. In an age where speed is gaining more and more importance, awareness of environmental pollution is also increasing day by day. The value of fast solutions is increasing in every field, and products that are sensitive to environmental pollution are preferred more. In the field of construction, new production techniques allow the construction of houses in a much shorter time. Thanks to the new types of materials produced, structures that are much more environmentally friendly than traditional reinforced concrete structures can be produced. Buildings called architecture of the future are modular buildings. Prefab homes, one of the modular buildings products, has a wide range of uses, from summer homes to labor camps.

Being the leader among Turkish manufacturers, Karmod is a company established in 1986. In our 21,500 square meter production facilities, we produce the best solution for every sector from construction to health, from private to public. Our solutions:

Prefabricated Buildings

  • Prefabricated Construction Site
  • Prefabricated Office and Administration Buildings
  • Prefabricated Hotels
  • Prefabricated Showers and Units
  • Prefabricated Schools and Education Buildings


  • Sandwich Panel Container Turkey
  • Container Houses
  • Metropol Container
  • Container WC / Shower

Modular Cabins

  • Panel Cabin Turkey
  • Polyester Cabinet
  • Wide Cab
  • Portable Toilet and Shower

Prefabricated Houses

  • Prefab Homes
  • Steel Structured Prefabricated Houses
  • Prefab Villas Homes Turkish

The Most Suitable Building for Worker Camps: Prefab Homes

Prefab homes are the most suitable structures for labor camps established in remote areas. Comfortable and sterile worker camps can be built, in which thousands of workers can be accommodated within weeks. At the end of the project, they can easily be moved to another project location. They have the advantage of being produced with a weldingless system. In this way, they are easy to install. When you want to expand the buildings during the project process, the camps can be easily expanded thanks to their production with this system. They are structures that respond to every need. Each of the buildings such as dormitories, dining halls, warehouses, and work offices needed for worker camps can be built with a prefabricated system.

Prefabricated modular buildings construction camp is also very economical. When reinforced concrete structures are preferred, camps, which can be built for months and with huge money, can be produced much more economically and in a much shorter time with prefabricated structures. As Karmod, we have undertaken the construction of labor camps of giant construction projects in dozens of parts of the world. Karmod houses in turkey are the choice of leading companies around the world, with high quality, economical and environmentally friendly. You can browse our projects in detail on our website, and contact us at any time for detailed information.

Structures That Make It Easy to Own a Home

Prefabricated house products are structures that are carefully pre-produced in the factory environment. The houses produced in separate parts are installed by the manufacturer where they are delivered. Galvanized trapezoidal sheet is used on the roofs of the houses. Thanks to the 80 mm glass wool, a perfect insulation is provided and an ease of use is achieved throughout 4 seasons. Prefabricated house turkey, which is very suitable even for 1st degree earthquake zones with its 0.40 effective ground acceleration coefficient, are very safe buildings.

Luxury prefab houses offer you luxurious and comfortable living spaces. With Karmod houses, it is much easier to have homes where you can spend a lifetime of peaceful, happy and enjoyable moments with your family and loved ones and collect good memories. Designed by our expert teams, prefab homes, which can be single-storey or two-storey according to your request, allows you to have very economical prices in your dream home in just weeks. You can choose from our models with a private garage, patio, terrace and balcony. When you choose luxurious and environmentally friendly Karmod houses, you do not compromise your comfort and minimize the damage you cause to the environment.

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