Affordable Housing That Anyone Would Love To Live In

Affordable Housing That Anyone Would Love To Live In

Affordable housing

In the age we live in, budget is a significant constraint when we want to buy a house. It is pretty hard to find a house that is both suitable for our budget and our wish. For´this reason, different construction methods have been developed. Modular buildings are one of them. Modular building are consisting of different modules. They are produced in a factory as demounted. Then they are mounted in the place where delivery is made. If you want to have an affordable housing, you can prefer one of modular buildings.

Affordable container homes and prefabricated houses are ideal choices for those want a both beautiful and economic house. Karmod is a prefab technologies company that has 35 years experience. It designs prefabricated and container houses for individual building need and building need of different sectors. Especially in rural areas, they can be very useful.

Modular buildings have so many essential advantages and they provide so much ease. Because they are environmentally friendly, you can reduce the harm you give to environment. If we think about the importance of environmental pollution, we can understand how much importance these buildings have.

Karmod produces affordable container homes, prefabricated homes, modular hospitals, modular schools, modular cabins (for security or commercial purposes), modular construction site buildings, worker camps, light steel houses for every sector and everyone. Its products are being used in more than 130 countries.

Affordable Container Homes

Affordable container homes are ideal structures for people who are bored from city crowd and gray air. And they are good alternative for those want to have a vineyard house, summer house or a living area that is interwined with nature. As Karmod we can produce your dream house in only one day with our new generation container technology. We have standard-size container houses but also we can produce customized houses too. It is enough to describe your dream house and leave the rest to Karmod expertise. You can have a safe, durable, environmentally friendly house with aesthetic appearance according to your wish and budget. We would pleased if we can help you to have your dream house.

Another usage area of affordable container homes is construction sites and worker camps. At the big construction projects, temporary but durable affordable housing products are needed. Karmod run so many construction site projects all over the world. It designs and produces its products in a way that is the most suitable for the related sector and number of people who will work in the project.

Excellent Insulation Performance

Karmod houses have excellent insulation performance. This feature is very essential for the areas that have various and difficult climate conditions. As Karmod, we designd and produce our prefab or container building according to the desired region’s climatic conditions. They can be used in every region and in every climate. Thanks to this excellent insulation performance, the maintanence costs can be reduced. They do not get harmed easily.

We use automotive technology in our products’ painting. They preserve their looks for a long time. Also Karmod affordable housing products are earthquake resistant. They are suitable for even first degree earthquake zones. These features help to provide comfortable accommodation areas for personnel working in any construction, infrastructure or mining projects.

High Quality Ceritifed Materials

Quaility of the materials used in buildings is very important. High quality and certified materials are used in Karmod buildings. At the same time, our buildings are guaranteed. They are preferred by the best companies in their field. You can look our projects in details on our official web site and contact us detailed information for every product or project.

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