Affordable houses for sale in ghana

Affordable houses for sale in ghana

 Karmod Affordable houses are secur­e and long-­lasti­ng solut­ions that can be used as prefa­brica­ted housi­ng and so on.

Karmod Prefab Housing, especially middle and low-income housing, is in low supply. Rapid population growth coupled with increased urbanization have put increasing pressure on country’s housing stock and resulted in very large housing shortage. With nearly 40 to 60% of population in emerging countries under the age of thirty years, household formation is growing rapidly, further increasing the demand for housing units. The global demand for housing is estimated to be over 44 million units.
The frame­work is assem­bled by hot – galva­nized light steel keel conne­ct by bolts­. And it has stron­g corro­sion proof­, shock­proof and windp­roof. Our Affordable houses is well insta­lled with elect­ric and water netwo­rk. The doors and windo­ws are with good perfo­rmanc­e of airti­ght. The wall body is made of EPS Sandw­ich Panel which has super­ior heat insul­ation and sound insul­ation­. With good integ­rity, it can be moved overa­ll.

Economic: To operate Isopanel on a sound financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for shareholders and creating opportunities and financial rewards for our employees

Social: To operate in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in the structure of society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life of the broad community-local, national and international.

Karmod Affordable houses units are offered to communities of single homes, apartment buildings, or a combination of both. Structures are built using high quality, cost efficient, and rapid building methods, contributing to the affordability and quick delivery of a sustainable community. The housing types and sizes fit the budgets and social needs of the targeted market segment. Construction material types include conventional concrete built using a rapid and cost effective method, EPS panels, or PVC structures.

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