Container house mauritius

Container house mauritius Karmod flat pack container house , folding container buildings for ultra rapid assembly speed and exceptionally cost effective transportation. Flat pack container buildings are ideal for instant site administation buildings and temporary, portable accommodation in difficult to access locations… Our unique folding cabin is flat packed for easy, cost effective transportation and … Read moreContainer house mauritius

Prefab homes malta, Prefabricated houses

Prefab homes malta This prefab social housing development functions as a diverse eco-neighborhood in Malta This eco-neighborhood comprising 60 social housing apartments was built using a dry construction method known as the “5D process,” which uses 2D macro-components and 3D prefab house modules to create customized, environmentally-friendly structures.  

Prefab houses in liberia , Executive mansion liberia

Prefab house for sale in liberia  Karmod, Light steel frame prefab houses in liberia construction systems provide reliability, rapidity, functionality and value for money. Light steel frame construction technology offers risk free and effective solutions meeting the demands of private prefab home owners, investors, constructors, public and private institutions. Steel guarantees reliability and rapidity. Choose … Read morePrefab houses in liberia , Executive mansion liberia