Prefabricated Restrooms

For more than 29 years, Karmod, Inc. has made composting toilet systems for various applications. The systems are odorless, save water and don’t create pollution. Karmod systems can handle any volume, and they’re appropriate for multipurpose buildings as well as remote areas where a bathroom is needed. Karmod also provides greywater recycling systems.

Security Building, Guard Booths, Guard Shack

Security Building  Other adaptations for Karmod guard house security buildings include platforms mounted security booths. Choose your own level of security or visibility in custom prefabricated for your custom designs. Karmod security building offers bullet-resistant options for Guard Booths Made in the Turkey so they are always affordable and durable with delivery that’s typically faster than the competition.

Control Booths and Parking control booth

Control Booths Karmod designs and manufactures the most durable and well built control booths available today. Rugged welded steel Karmod control booth enclosures house employees and sensitive equipment in all types of locations. Applications include industrial loading racks, process control pulpits, dredge and crusher cabs, and loading dock or visitor gate security officer shelters.