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Prefab Housing Africa

Prefab Housing Africa Modular building products are one of the best way to have a house withe economic prices and in a shorter time than traditional reinforced concrete buildings. Karmod is among Turkey’s leading modular building manufacturers. One of the region it runs projejcts is Africa. You can see our affordable housing Africa projects, modular … Read moreAffordable housing africa and Family Homes for Africa

World’s Most Impressive Social Housing Projects

mass housing projects in africa

Social Housing Social housing is a very useful and economic way to have a house for people having low or middle income. By governments or non governmental organizations, social housing projects can be run. Modular buildings are the ideal building type for collective housing. Because generally there is an urgent building need in this kind … Read moreWorld’s Most Impressive Social Housing Projects

Gate Houses | Modular GateHouse Security


Gatehouses Gate houses are structures that can be used in many areas. They can be as reinforced concrete or modular buildings like prefab or container. Traditional reinforced concrete constructions have so many disadvantages. Their construction period takes very long time. Their price is not economic, even they can be very expensive. They can damage the … Read moreGate Houses | Modular GateHouse Security