Guaritas, Guarita para Vigilância e Segurança

Quiosques e Guaritas Soluções em quiosques e guaritas, escolha a foto para ver em tamanho maio Totalmente fabricada em fibra de vidro, de fino acabamento, alta resistência química e mecânica, baixo peso e com várias disposições de tamanhos e acessórios, as áreas de vivência fabricadas pela Karmod Fibras vão tomando espaço no mercado. Com bom … Read moreGuaritas, Guarita para Vigilância e Segurança

Prefabricated Kiosks Structure

Commercial Prefabricated kiosks Every person has to eat sometime and these days mostly on the move. Karmod Prefabricated kiosk specialises in the manufacture of modular Food Kiosks built to have maximum visual impact to sell your products, whether it is sandwiches, pizzas, bagels, baguettes, jacket potatoes, pies, pasties or coffee & tea. Over a number of … Read morePrefabricated Kiosks Structure

Housing Projects With Livable Environment Assurance

Low Cost Family Prefabricated Housings With the new cities in Istanbul, real estate residential projects are on the rise. Nowadays with the use of modern construction technology many housing projects are being carried out with elegant designs. These projects include villas, residence, housing project and resorts. Housing projects are executed with customer expectations taken into … Read moreHousing Projects With Livable Environment Assurance