Temporary Construction Facilities and Labour Camps

Worker Accommodation Camps

Temporary Construction Facilities and Labour Camps We provide both temporary construction facilities and semi-permanent dwellings ranging from 1,000 person labour camps to construction site offices.Labour Camp Features Accommodation units, Ancillary buildings such as: Kitchens, Gymnasiums, Dining rooms, Laundry, Recreational facilities Labour Camp Advantages Using our in-house structural, MEP and architectural engineering experts, we can deliver … Read moreTemporary Construction Facilities and Labour Camps

Benefits of Modular Construction Technology

construction technology companies

Construction technology Karmod provides an alternative way of approaching the logistical challenges associated with traditional site-built construction projects. What Is Construction? Architectural products made for housing, business or other purposes are called construction. Structures are built to be used in different areas by combining different building materials. Whether it is for business, accommodation or for … Read moreBenefits of Modular Construction Technology

Modern Sheds – Sheds For Sale – Cheap Sheds

Prefab Sheds

 Sheds For Sale Karmod Shed creates high-efficiency prefab modern sheds and backyard studios. Need a storage shed? Browse Karmod shed shop to find a large selection of fiberglass storage shed kits. Karmod from basic utility to large or small sheds. Shop Karmod brand sheds for the best in fiberglass storage shed options. Karmod offers a … Read moreModern Sheds – Sheds For Sale – Cheap Sheds