Flat Pack Office Containers – Foldable Container House

Mining Container Houses

Flat Pack Containers  Designed by our engineers, each of whom are experts and who care about every detail, our flatpack containers, which are produced with high quality and safety standards, constitute the most preferred living spaces among modular buildings. Karmod, top Turkey modular flat pack containers manufacturer, is one of the leading prefabricated building technologies … Read moreFlat Pack Office Containers – Foldable Container House

Modular Kitchen & Prefab Restaurant Buildings

modular restaurant kitchen

Modular Kitchen & Prefab Restaurant Buildings About Our Prefab Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens. Every Modular container commercial kitchen and restaurant we manufacture. Build the café or kitchen of your dreams. Modular construction is a great option for modular container restaurants, diners, and other commercial applications and Prefabricated kitchens or dining facilities are great space solutions … Read moreModular Kitchen & Prefab Restaurant Buildings

Temporary construction site offices

commercial modular buildings

Temporary construction site office As one of the most preferred brands in the world in prefabricated building technologies, we contribute to construction projects with our construction site buildings, we produce every structure that may be needed in accommodation units in a construction project in the highest quality and in a very short time and make … Read moreTemporary construction site offices